This post is written by Mami, a South Africa Model United Nations (SAMUN) 2016 student. She is profiling the 2016 SAMUN experience and sharing stories of her peers. This post features Niël Carlson.

“I am trusting God to open big doors in 2017 and 2018.”

Completing a medical degree (MBcHB) aNiel.jpgt the University of Stellenbosch is what reminds Niël Carlson, age 17, to keep preserving through all situations.

“Always work hard, to be successful. Always work hard, to be what you desire. We all have dreams, be it big or small. In order to achieve these dreams, hard work and sacrifice are essential.”

The young, promising future SAMUN tutor was filled with nerves, thrills and disbelief when he was announced as one of the eight debaters that would represent their province in New York City.

Niël’s biggest motivation is and will always be his mother. A woman who against all odds wrote her Matric. Believing in the value of a good education, she kept studying. Now she is the Executive Director of the very same company she worked as a secretary.

Hard work, hard work and more hard work has kept this young man going. S.A van Wyk High School has provided South Africa and the world at large with leader who is humble in nature and is not afraid to do the tough job.

He has a goal and no man can stop him. World watch out!

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