This post is written by Mami, a South Africa Model United Nations (SAMUN) 2016 student. She is profiling the 2016 SAMUN experience and sharing stories of her peers. This post features Thabo Rathaba.  


  • Speaker of office at the local junior council
  • Junior Cluster Commander for SAPS
  • An RCL Executive who is currently in his final year in high school at Leseding Technical Secondary school
  • Just 15 years old


With a bright future and an eye for the stars, Thabo is just an example of the mass of young people who know and understand the term “hard work.”

“The level of knowledge that one can obtain intrigues me,” Thabo says. Being intellectually challenged to make wise decisions is what kept him going in one of South Africa most prestige debate competition, SAMUN.

Thus, when asked what he wants the whole world to know about him he says:

“Learners my age are in grade 9. I am hardworking and am going to be on Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.

Thabo has a dream, a dream with a deadline, a dream that highlights the importance of serving and protecting our world peace and advancement. He wants to fulfill his duties as a global citizen.

Thabo says,

“For a conducive global environment, countries need to work together even if it means working with the enemy.”

Remember when a person dreams there are no limits. Thabo Kelly Rathabo defines the every essence of having a vision.

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