This post is written by Mami, a South Africa Model United Nations (SAMUN) 2016 student. She is profiling the 2016 SAMUN experience and sharing stories of her peers. This post features Vusi from the Kwa-Zulu Natal province. She is a student at Ridge Park College.






The girl with a humor that outshines her fierce outlook on politics. When asked about her views on debate, she left no rock unturned:

“Debating just makes me happy because it indirectly trains me to work cohesively with others. It inspires consensus building aimed at bettering our society.”

These words come warmly from “Mama Africa”, a name she proudly wears after winning the hearts of every debate member of SAMUN.

The presence of a tomorrow drives Vusi:

“I don’t know what it is but the fact that I get up and see meaning every morning in my life is a reason to go out there and fulfill my purpose.”

This young lady, who has a great passion for food, is currently in her final high school year with a vision to The University of Cape Town to study Political Science or Law. She hopes to be a leader in law in South Africa and across the globe.

Vusi is your average young lady with above average purpose.

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