This post is written by Mami, a South Africa Model United Nations (SAMUN) 2016 student. She is profiling the 2016 SAMUN experience and sharing stories of her peers.

When writing about my fellow delegates I know we are intrigued by knowledge, motivated by the smile of an orphan and inspired by the love of a mother. Thus, do the youth of our nation lack motivation or zeal to dare dream of a better tomorrow?

SAMUN brought together over 30 young minds. Minds that questioned policies, highlighted the importance of a united front, not only in Africa but in the world at large and minds that gave path to proactive solutions to global issues.


The team representing the USA debates at the national conference in July.

A platform has been laid, a platform that enables young people to aspire to a goal, no matter the background. There is an inevitable growth in our young minds. Growth that changes ideologies, economies and limits in society.

It is time to make known to the world that prosperity, change and global development lays in the hands of the youth.

The world belongs to those who can vision a tomorrow.

Follow along for stories about other SAMUN delegates through my eyes!


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