To bring you an inside view of our South Africa Model United Nations (SAMUN) program, our new blog series will be written by Mami Bizimana, a 2016 SAMUN delegate from the Gauteng province. While others enjoyed their December breaks, Mami worked with the Education Africa team to interview her peers to share their stories and honor their potential.

Mami was born and raised in Burundi. After recently fleeing her home country, she has created a new life in South Africa filled with ambition and vigor. This year, Mami won an award at SAMUN for her debating skills while representing the country China. Let’s get to know Mami better!


Mami wants to study medicine at a global university

What excites you about SAMUN?

I was so excited to have the opportunity to get involved in global issues and think logically about issues that I only see on TV.

What was the toughest lesson you learned during SAMUN?

While I really enjoy debating, I now realize debating is not about who speaks the loudest. It is about who comes up with solutions that are doable and for the benefit of others.

SAMUN also taught me how to approach any issue with discipline and speak with confidence.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I have a passion for medicine. It was never my first choice because I always believed that too many people wanted to be doctors for the wrong reasons. It was not until my aunt had problems with her lungs that I realized that this world needs people who can serve others without making others feel guilty for being sick. I am willing to serve and learn.

I can only study medicine if I get a scholarship. I want to study abroad so that I can serve on a global scale.

If you could say anything on an international platform, what would it be?

I would say:

“Fellow delegates, the time has come where talking about the problem stops. It is time to place the solutions into action. Anyone can be a refugee. When we remain treating people like me like a little refugee girl, it becomes a burden. Instead, we need to educate her, feed her and remember it takes a village to raise a child. The very same girl you see as a burden will cure HIV, will provide breathtaking research in astronomy and will transform an economy. Let us have leaders who believe in the potential of their people.”


Mami, on the far left, debating at SAMUN 2016

Stay tuned for posts written by Mami about her SAMUN peers!

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